Our Story

From a series of fortunate events, we had the opportunity to be trained by a retired Ramen chef from Japan. In return for his extensive guidance, we promised to continue his ramen restaurant name in Japan, King of Ramen, to show our appreciation and maintain it as a family run business. 


Despite the assistance, we still spent numerous hours searching for the best ingredients in the states and formulate a recipe that contains the traditional Japanese ramen style adapted to the American palate. Because of that, we are committed to make our soup daily from scratch and we do not add MSG. Our soup is boiled for hours with natural ingredients and spices.  


Our first restaurant started in Spokane, Washington because our family members realized a lack of delicious and heart-warming ramen in the city, while other cities have countless ramen restaurants emerging. From this restaurant, we recognized the properties of a good bowl of ramen and observed there are cities missing this vibe. Thus, we are now opening our second restaurant in Pasadena, our hometown.